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Frequently Asked Questions

We provide a full service B2B webdesign solution including the copy, media, as well as the technical setup. Depending on your individual situation, it might make sense to optimize your existing website. In most cases, a complete re-launch enables us to get better results, faster and at lower costs for you.

Building or optimizing your website is also the right time to re-think your service portfolio and brand positioning. We guide you through the entire process, involving your valuable, industry know-how, while taking as much weight from your shoulders as possible. Creation of all copy, website structure, tech setup and SEO optimization is done by our experts.

We use our own, optimized B2B website templates and workflows to accelerate the process and increase results. Our clients love the straight forward procedure of our webdesign service because it takes all guesswork, gutfeeling and discussions about personal taste out of the equation.

Your optimized B2B website has to fulfill to major tasks:

  • Convert new visitors into clients – The foundation of your B2B website is the fully detailed description of your actual services, including the benefits of working with you. Another important factor is the about page, showing people who you are, why you do what you do and showing proof that you are the perfect match. This is the “static” part of your website which usually does not change too often. People that you send to your website should be able to understand what you are offering within a few seconds. Most B2B websites fail at this discipline! It’s also important for your website to leave a good impression for people who you were already in touch with. Prospects should find all information that they need to convert into leads – meaning people who filled out your contact form or scheduled a call with you. 
  • Attract new prospects via Google search – After optimizing your B2B website for conversion, providing all necessary information to get convinced to reach out to you, it’s all about building a sustainable stream of organic inbound leads. We integrate a fully SEO optimized blog section into your website that will be the center of all further marketing measures later on. Creating relevant, industry specific guides for the search terms that are important for your business, prospects will find your websites. 

The combination of these two parts is what really makes the magic happen. As you can see, an optimized B2B website is the first requirement for successful lead generation. There are no shortcuts. We need to put in the work.

The full service webdesign service is specifically designed for, but not limited to B2B service providers or manufacturers/suppliers.

Our clients include:

  • Service providers such as lawyers, accountants, financial advisors, recruiters, real estate or insurance agents
  • Agencies, e.g. from the areas of advertising, marketing, sales
  • Consultants, coaches and consultants of all kinds, individuals and personal brands
  • Software providers of all kinds, Software-as-a-Service providers, Start-ups 
  • B2B companies of all kinds such as manufacturers, retailers, IT and engineering companies

Find out in a personal strategy meeting if we can help you grow your reach to get more clients. We guarantee a 100% free initial consultation, from which you can immediately take away more clarity. 

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Digital Marketing Consultant

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