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Frequently Asked Questions

The Full Service B2B Content Marketing Service includes everything you need from strategy creation, keyword research and high quality content creation. 

We provide Full Service Plans for a monthly flat fee so you can focus on your core business. Our experts will still work closely together with you discussing new topics and industry insights.

Our team gets the job done for you, taking care of your entire Content Marketing and SEO strategy. Grow your website, strengthen your authority and build your sustainable stream of inbound leads with us. What makes our service special is our first hand experience of building our own digital B2B businesses. We know what it takes to get real results and how to outrank your competition on Google. 

Combining the knowledge of webdesign, content creation and SEO optimization is the key factor when it comes to digital marketing success.

Outsourcing your B2B Content Marketing & SEO to us will help you build a strong brand and grow your reach. By creating valuable, industry specific guides for your websites, you increase your number of warm inbound leads.

Prospects who saw your content before reaching out will usually build trust immediately, saving you all the time and energy of convincing them of your services. A Longterm Content Marketing strategy will bring you:

  • A representative website, showing proof of the value that you provide and your expertise.
  • More inbound leads and clients, because high-quality and educative content builds trust and authority way faster than any phone call
  • A stronger brand, not only in your clients eyes but also in front of your competitors
  • Increased safety and less independence of other sales channels such as lead buying, expensive ads or external sales agents.

Starting your Content Marketing Strategy is a real asset for your business that nobody can take away from you!

The consulting service is specifically designed for, but not limited to B2B service providers or manufacturers/suppliers.

Our clients include:

  • Service providers such as lawyers, accountants, financial advisors, recruiters, real estate or insurance agents
  • Agencies, e.g. from the areas of advertising, marketing, sales
  • Consultants, coaches and consultants of all kinds, individuals and personal brands
  • Software providers of all kinds, Software-as-a-Service providers, Start-ups 
  • B2B companies of all kinds such as manufacturers, retailers, IT and engineering companies

Find out in a personal strategy meeting if we can help you grow your reach to get more clients. We guarantee a 100% free initial consultation, from which you can immediately take away more clarity. 

Toby Milan, MBA

Digital Marketing Consultant

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