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Frequently Asked Questions

Our B2B Digital Marketing Consulting is a personal, one-on-one consulting service. We guide you through the digital marketing jungle by providing you with all the resources and information you need and help you make the right decisions. Our experts follow proven methods that take the guesswork out of the equation.

Our consulting method follows a proven concept, similar to a startup accelerator program. We constantly optimize this concept through iterations and new learnings that we gain by growing our own businesses as well as our clients success.

Depending on your individual situation, you can decide if you’d rather execute on the tasks yourself (such as Webdesign and Content Marketing/SEO) or if you’d like to use our full service offer and let our experts do the work for you. We are flexible and determined to provide the best solution fitting your needs.

Consulting sessions are done via Zoom Meetings.

  • We provide ongoing support via email, Zoom and individual screen recordings
  • Trello boards is our tool of choice to keep track of new and ongoing tasks.

Depending on your individual needs, we decide on the frequency of your consulting sessions.

In summary, our consulting services will help you achieve the following goals:

  • Develop your digital business mindset – The right mindset and perspective separate the real winners who become market leaders from the companies that only produce costs but no results.
  • Acquire the most important digital skills – We introduce you to the most important online tools you need to build your business. From collaboration tools to content creation workflows.
  • Simplify your service description – By optimizing and elaborating your ideal service offering, you will immediately achieve more clarity about your mission, strategic goals and about your communication strategy. As a result you will gain clarity, focus and overall happiness with your business.
  • Build digital brand assets for your company – You’ll learn how to create content and optimize your search engine visibility (or how to outsource content creation). You’ll gain more reach, awareness and new customers, but also increase your company’s value.

Or put simply: More leads, sales and profitability for your business

The holistic concept of our consulting service is aimed at achieving lasting success for your B2B company. With our experts as partners on your side, you can make decisions faster, avoid costly wrong decisions and thus have a major competitive advantage over other companies who need to figure it all out themselves.

The consulting service is specifically designed for, but not limited to B2B service providers or manufacturers/suppliers.

Our clients include:

  • Service providers such as lawyers, accountants, financial advisors, recruiters, real estate or insurance agents
  • Agencies, e.g. from the areas of advertising, marketing, sales
  • Consultants, coaches and consultants of all kinds, individuals and personal brands
  • Software providers of all kinds, Software-as-a-Service providers, Start-ups 
  • B2B companies of all kinds such as manufacturers, retailers, IT and engineering companies

Find out in a personal strategy meeting if we can help you grow your reach to get more clients. We guarantee a 100% free initial consultation, from which you can immediately take away more clarity. 

Toby Fischer, MBA

Digital Marketing Consultant

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