The Best WordPress Hosting for B2B Service Provider Websites – Why We Choose Kinsta

As a content marketing agency for B2B service providers, we do not only optimize and create content, we also build new WordPress websites or optimize existing ones! Over the last years we therefore compared dozens of WordPress hosting providers, always on the lookout for the absolute best, fastest and most secure provider for our clients.

Especially when you put in a lot of work to improve your website, to get higher rankings from google and finally generate new more leads and clients – the choice of the right web hosting provider is a crucial part of the equation!

Comparing lots of different WordPress web hosting providers through our own experience and own websites, as well as our clients websites, we were able to really identify the best hosting providers. In this post we’d like to give you a brief overview why we chose Kinsta – and why we recommend you to host your website with them too!

This post shall not be an in-depth technical comparison or review, much more we’d just like to share our personal experience of sheer endless comparison and daily usage for many years!

Our clients always “own” their WordPress hosting account, meaning they need to sign up, enter their company address data and credit card themselves so they always stay independent and – if they want – manage their WordPress website themselves. 

Most of our clients don’t want to configure, setup and manage their hosting servers. They usually need to focus on their business, on acquiring new clients and increasing their revenue! Because at the end of the day, that’s what really matters.

Our Top 4 Requirements for WordPress Hosting for Service Based Businesses


The basic requirements that we at HIGHER-UP Digital are looking for in an ideal WordPress hosting are:

  • Optimized for speed – WordPress-specialized hosting stack, optimized for maximum speed – Including a solid CDN (Content Delivery Network) which distributes your website files on several server locations worldwide.
  • Optimized for security – Security Features such as a firewall, DDoS Protection.
  • Backups to prevent data-loss – Daily Backups with one-click restore feature.
  • Reliable support – Customer support with live-chat for urgent matters.

Comparing the Technical Features Won’t Help You Find the Best Hosting Provider…

There are many providers out there that claim to fulfill these 4 requirements! Thats why it’s even harder to pick the right one… Because without actually trying and comparing them yourself, you can never truly find out!

When it comes to just website speed, the top-10 market leaders all had quite similar results for us and our clients, making speed-optimization mainly a matter of a well created maintained website. 

Daily backups are also one very popular standard-feature of managed WordPress hosting nowadays. But when it comes to security, support and just the general usability of the hosting provider, there are huge differences!

To make this story short: Our very personal favorite hosting provider for your WordPress website is Kinsta

Not only by some slight differences – it’s by far the best hosting provider we’ve worked with. It’s the fastest, most secure, easiest to use and most reliable. Plus their amazing support, which is on a completely different level, hands down.

Why We Chose Kinsta for Our Websites, Our Clients & What Makes Them Stand Out

Kinsta does not only master the 4 basic requirements mentioned above, they also add some more features that are very important to us. 

  • Ultra fast and easy to use – Their user surface is beautifully designed, clean, fast and provides a great overview of the tools that you frequently need. 
  • Best hosting stack out there – Their hosting-stack uses the latest, fastest Cloud hosting available, based on the newest Google-cloud technology.
  • Cloudflare caching and firewall included – We previously used the separate Cloudflare caching and firewall solutation  to make our clients websites even faster and more secure. At Kinsta, Cloudflare is already integrated in their hosting stack – making it even more secure and easy to manage.
  • Incredible support – Kinsta’s support is the best customer support that we’ve ever experienced. Not only in terms of hosting but in general! their support-engineers are always available 24/7 and usually responds within a minute.

Ok, we think these are enough reasons to love Kinsta, and we promised to keep this post short and not too technical.

We and our clients LOVE Kinsta, and they are an absolute idol to us when it comes to customer service, especially in a world of always declining service quality, we highly appreciate them for helping us improve our clients success!

Book your free live demo with Kinsta to see for yourself!

Level Up Your Digital Marketing to Attract More Clients –  Book Free Strategy Session

Choosing the best provider for your website hosting is a crucial part – but only one of many important factors to consider.

Having a strategy for your content marketing success and knowing how to increase your visibility is what really matters, after all. Just like choosing a hosting provider, success is not just a matter of theory, but mainly a question of actual experience. 

Thats why we can recommend Kinsta – because we know it’s amazing and because we’ve experienced it over and over again. When it comes to successfully generating leads for your B2B service based business – nothing can replace experience.

If you wish to learn more about how we can help you grow your reach and brand awareness to get more clients, we invite you to reach out and schedule a free strategy session with our consultants!

Toby Fischer, MBA

Toby Fischer, MBA

We help B2B companies sustainably build a brand and increase their sales through content marketing & SEO. Benefit from our proven methods that we successfully use to grow our own as well as our clients websites. Book your free strategy session now to find out how we can help you grow!

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